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On Thursday, the vice president of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo announced that the federal government has released N288 billion out of the N599 billion appropriated for COVID-19 intervention programmes under its Economic Sustainability Plan (ESP).

Presiding over the meeting of the meeting of the Economic Sustainability Committee (ESC), at the state house, Abuja, the vice president noted that a lot of progress has been made since the creation of the ESP few months ago. Over 4,000km of federal and rural roads are at least 30 per cent completed, while about 2.1 million jobs have been saved, including creation of new ones.

“I think that it will be fair to say that on account of the very good work that you all have done, we were able to get out of recession much faster than anyone would have imagined, although only marginally,” Prof. Osinbajo said concerning the reports provided by the ESC members.

He encouraged members of the committee, while further reiterating the president’s stance on looking out for the Nigerian populace, “to bear in mind that the vast majority of our people are not allowed to suffer.”

“It is important for us to continually bear in mind that we really have a duty to ensure that the vast majority of our people are not allowed to suffer. So, I feel we should be thinking more about the next thing that we need to do,” the vice president added.

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