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The Legal Concierge, a law tech organization has launched a legal App called Legal X Africa to aid practice of law in Nigeria.

The Legal Concierge is an avant-garde team of Lawyers who focus on creating notable platforms designed to equip the futuristic, lawyer with technological innovations; they are building Africa’s Silicon Valley!

The App was launched during the Young Wigs Conference which held on Saturday 12th Of December, 2020, organized by the Legal Concierge.

According to the CEO, Inemesit Joy Dike, the product functions with the same ease as Uber and It assists businessmen and all potential clients to locate and choose lawyers of their choice based on the lawyers performance ratings. It also gives clients upfront knowledge of the cost of the legal service BEFORE paying for the services!

Legal X Africa would afford lawyers the opportunity to practice law from the comfort of their home and even highlight their chosen areas of specialization. Nigerian Lawyers in diaspora are encouraged to register as they can continue to practice law irrespective of being away from home country.

Mrs. Inemesit Dike Esq. MCIarb, A.C.I.S is the Chief Executive Officer of The Legal Concierge and Convener of the Young Wigs Conference and was recently named as one of the top 50 individuals leading in legal innovations in Africa

She is an Attorney and Counsel at Law, New York USA, and a member of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. She is also a Chartered Company Secretary & connoisseur of Corporate Governance, a Board Room Mogul, a Commercial Law, Labour Law and Human Resources Expert and and is considered an authority in these areas.

She served as the Head of Legal Services and Technical Contracting for the Joint Venture of NNPC/Belema Oil Producing Ltd, on the Oil Mining Lease (OML) 55 Oil and Gas Exploration and Production in the Niger Delta Region.

Aside from her academic and professional accomplishments, she has a super-duper passion for community development. In her spare time, she channel her passion for sustainable societal development through the education of young lawyers via a project called the Young Wigs Conference which analyzes the confluence of Law, Business and Technology and helps young wigs navigate their way through these new waves of Legal Practice.

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