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The CEO of Boundless Love Services aka love doctor, Mrs Tare Dite-Ojoko launched a book titled ‘Sex on the couch’ at Eden’s Lounge Grace Place Events Centre, GRA Port Harcourt.

The book launch was graced by several dignitaries who poured encomiums on Tare for writing a book which is aimed at eliminating boredom in the bedroom with graphics and audio instructions of different sex styles.

The Book Launch was graced by dignitaries including Pastor Manuela Izunwa – Copastor, Gateway International Church and anchored by Mrs Wisdom Osiri – co pastor of The Wisdom Place Church, Port Harcourt.

Others at the event were several Senior Lawyers including the former Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Port Harcourt chapter, Barr. Omubo Frank-Briggs.

This book aims at revolutionizing the sex lives of couples. It seeks to kick the bore out of our bedrooms by igniting passion and sizzling excitement in the fine art of pleasuring each other.

It covers at length the art of foreplay and prescribes a step by step process in achieving female orgasm. It also offers tips on how a man can last longer during sex.

It is a sex guide which equips individuals having sex for the first time in their lives with skills so they are saved unnecessary pain and embarrassment.

Knowing also that sex during pregnancy for couples could be awkward, the book details how sex can be enjoyed in this season of a couple’s lives.

Speaking at the event Mrs Osiri described the book as amazing and a deliverance tool.

She said the the event was a time for couples to relax, learn, relearn, unlearn, hug, dance and kiss holy kisses in preparation of the revelations in this amazing book

She added “Sex is a subject that is shrouded in secrecy so some persons are not comfortable talking about it. Rather they keep quiet and stay angry.”

“So they keep struggling with it. This struggle can be as a result of zero sexual skills, distorted mindset, past negative sexual escapades and so on.”

“To solve some of the sexual challenges, some resort to pornography to acquire skills and this is largely because they are unable to get the correct information from the right source. “

“The church is the ground and pillar of truth. All truth should be spoken boldly in areas(SEX) like this that matters.
But that has changed now because of this book tilted Sex On The Couch”

“A solution has come!
Sex on the couch comes with an instructional CD for you to listen and memorise very well”

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